The Poets Enchiridion a Hitherto Unpublished Poem With an Inedited Address to Uvedale Price on His Eightieth Birthday an Early Invocation to Sleep and a Preliminary Draft of the Renowned Poem Catarina to Camoens
The Masque of Poets A Collection of New Poems
A Practical Treatise on the Superior Efficacy and Safety of Stizolobium or Cowhage Internally Administered in Diseases Occasioned by Worms Where in Are Exhibited a Concise Stayement of the Symptoms of the Disease and the Uncertainty of Most Other Vermif
Gleanings in Bee Culture Volume 3
Reports of the Commissioners on the Zoological Survey of the State
Manual of Introductory Chemical Practice
A Treatise on Metallic and Paper Money and Banks Written for the Encyclopaedia Britannica
Letters from an Artist Sojourning on the Continent
Poems on His Domestic Circumstances To Which Are Added Several Choice Pieces from His Works
Report of the Commission on Child Welfare to the Governor
May Morning Or a Visit to the Country
Transactions of the Minnesota State Medical Society Volume 26
Proceedings at the Reunion
Carey Glynn
Statue of Colonel Thomas Knowlton Ceremonies at the Unveiling
Sir William Davenants Relation to Shakespeare
Distribution of the Subcutaneous Vessels in the Head Region of the Ganoids Polyodon and Lepisosteus
Evidences of Man in the Drift A Description of Certain Archaeological Objects Recently Discovered in Massachusetts Connecticut New York Pennsylvania and New Jersey
The Pilgrimage to Monticello The Home and Tomb of Thomas Jefferson Volume 117
Dickens Collection Thackeray Collection and Other Rare Books and Autographs from the Library of Mr Edwin W Coggeshall of New York to Be Sold
Deaths Disguises and Other Sonnets
Out of the Clouds
Proportional Representation Including Its Relation to the Initiative and Referendum
Rules Orders and Regulations for the Management of the New House of Correction for the County of Middlesex
Sent Back by the Angels And Other Ballads of Home and Homely Life
Cupids Almanac and Guide to Hearticulture for This Year and Next
Recent Problems in Admirality Jurisdiction
Memoires de Maximilien de Bethune Duc de Sully
Distribution of the Land Vertebrates of Southeastern Washington
Fuels of Western Canada and Their Efficient Utilization
Catechisings on the Prayer Book
The Power and Authority of School Officers and Teachers in the Management and Government of Public Schools and Over Pupils Out of School as Determined by the Courts of the Several States
Commercial Federation and Colonial Trade Policy
Anatomical Atlas Illustrative of the Structure of the Human Body
Tubo-Peritoneal Ectopic Gestation
Breaking the Spell An Appeal to Common Sense
Bermuda Verses
Conversations with Napoleon at St Helena
The Sanitation of a Country House
Proceedings of the Natural History Society of Dublin Volume 3
A Klondike Picnic The Story of a Day
The Bohemians (New York Musicians Club) a Historical Narrative and Record Written and Compiled for the Celebration of the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Club
The Young China Hunters A Trip to China by a Class of Juniors in 1912
The Democratic Underwood-Simmons Tariff Bill a Colossal Failure and Most Disastrous to Labor Industry and Agriculture as Has Been All Legislation for Tariff for Revenue Only from 1789 to 1913
Scenes on Pacific Shores with a Trip Across South America
The Pressure of Light
Three Types of Washington Portraits John Trumbull Charles Wilson Peale Gilbert Stuart
Official Roll of the City and County of San Francisco AB Initio
Two Deaths in the Bronx
The Two English Gentlemen Or the Sham Funeral a Comedy By James Stewart
Their Husbands Wives
Sentence Connection in Tacitus
Childrens Praise
Robert E Lee a Story and a Play
Mother Gooses Teddy Bears
Observations on the Principles and Tendency of the East India Bills Proposed by the Right Honourable Charles James Fox and the Right Honourable William Pitt with Short Sketches of Their Political Characters
Transactions of the Wagner Free Institute of Science of Philadelphia Volume V9 PT1 (1919)
Poultry for the Table and Market Versus Fancy Fowls
Dauber A Poem
A Series of Letters Addressed to His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex as President of the Royal Society Remonstrating Against the Conduct of That Learned Body
On the Increase of Royal Power in France Under Philip Augustus 1179-1223
Wit Wisdom Eloquence and Great Speeches of Col R G Ingersoll Including Eloquent Extracts Witty Wise Pungent Truthful Sayings and Full Reports of the Great Speeches of This Celebrated Man
Stories and Musings
The Karen Apostle Or Memoir of Ko Thah-Byu the First Karen Convert with an Historical and Geographical Account of the Nation Its Traditions Precepts Rites C
The Desert A Play in Three Acts
Womens Suffrage The Reform Against Nature
Essays on Some of the Testimonies of Truth as Held by the Society of Friends
Paul and Jesus
Charter and By-Laws of the Trustees of the College of New Jersey Together with a Statement Concerning the Original Charter and the Rules of Order of the Board
Pedigree with Biographical Sketches of the Devonshire Family of Travers Descended from Walter Travers of Nottingham Goldsmith
A New and Improved English Grammar Intended for the Use of Colleges Schools and Private Students
Florist Nursery Exchange Volume 1
Southern Stellar Objects for Small Telescopes Between the Equator and 55 South Declination with Observations Made in the Punjab
Crowned and Discrowned Or the Rebel King and the Prophet of Ramah
Papers from the Hopkins-Stanford Galapagos Expedition 1898-1899
The Basis of Durable Peace Written at the Invitation of the New York Times
The Modern Conflict Over the Bible in Synthesis and Comparison
The Duke of York A Plain Statement of the Conduct of the Ministry and the Opposition Towards His Royal Highness the Duke of York
The Double Doctrine of the Church of Rome
Answer and Defence of Patrice de Janon Late Professor of Spanish at West Point to the Report and Statements to the President of the United States July 16 1864
Letters from Archibald Earl of Argyll to John Duke of Lauderdale
Las Vegas Gallimac Park and the Scenic Highway
Three Lectures on the Church of Scotland With Especial Reference to the Dean of Westminsters Recent Course on That Subject Delivered in the Music Hall on the 24th 26th and 31st January 1872
The Complaint of the REV Thomas H Skinner Against the Action of the Presbytery of Cincinnati At Its Fall Meeting 1876 with the Argument
Within the Gateways of the Far East A Record of Recent Travel
Lecocqs Opera Girofle-Girofla Containing the French Text with an English Translation of All the Principal Airs
An Extension of the Dewey System of Classification as Applied to Mining
Une Page DAmour Romantique Lettres Inedites a Madame Estelle F
A True Narrative of the Proceedings with General Remarks on the Evidence Given Upon the Memorable Trials of Mary Squires and Elizabeth Canning
Silhouette (1902) Volume [1]
1913 - Liberty Bell
The Strad Volumes 13-14
Holdens Book on Birds
The Great Solution Magnissima Charta Essay on Evolutionary and Constructive Pacifism
Diptera Lonchaeidae Sapromyzidae Ephydridae Chloropidae Agromyzidae
Cauldron Volume 1917
Ecole Normale Superieure an Historical Sketch
The Nurse A Poem
In Aur Corn Celsum Et Q Ser Samonicum Epistolae
Don Juan A Play in Four Acts
Discourses on the Management of Infants and the Treatment of Their Diseases
Our Distinguished Fellow-Citizen
Gabrielle and Other Poems
Torat Ha-Adam = the Teachings of Humanity A Treatise Throwing Some Light on Certain Movements of the Day
Catalogue of the Important Historical Collction of Coins and Medals Made by Gerald E Hart Esq Comprising Ancient Coins of Greece Rome and Judaea Mediaeval and Modern Coins Chiefly of France and England in Gold and Silver Historical Medals of a
Key to Clarks Grammar In Which the Analyses of the Sentences in the Grammar Are Indicated by Diagrams
Elementary Instruction in the Art of Illuminating and Missal Painting on Vellum A Guide to Modern Illuminators
Dr Collisson in and on Ireland A Diary of a Tour with Personal Anecdotes Notes Auto-Biographical and Impressions
Recent Geographical Work in Europe
Duse and the French
Beziehungen Russlands Zu Persien Die
The Edelweiss A Poem
Divine Discontent
Echoes of Wisdom Or Talmudic Sayings with Classic Especially Latin Parallelisms
Digest of Election Laws of Tennessee
Elizabethan Demonology An Essay in Illustration of the Belief in the Existence of Devils and the Powers Possessed by Them as It Was Generally Held During the Period of the Reformation and the Times Immediately Succeedings With Special Reference to Sh
A Preliminary Report on the Cost of Production Pig Iron Steel Ingots Steel Rails Coal Coke Iron Ore and Limestone
Discoveries in Chinese Or the Symbolism of the Primitive Characters of the Chinese System of Writing as a Contribution to Philology and Ethnology and a Practical Aid in the Acquisition of the Chinese Language
The Early American Novel
Drop Forging
Collection of the Most Remarkable Monuments of the National Museum Volume V3
Climbing Plants
Dick and Harry and Tom Or for Our Reaping By-And-By
Handbook of the Dyce and Forster Collections in the South Kensington Museum with Engravings and Facsimiles
Don Juan With a Biographical Account of Lord Byron and His Family
Did the Early Church in Ireland Acknowledge the Popes Supremacy Answered in a Letter to Lord John Manners
Key Adapted to the Questions for Grimshaws History of English
Siris a Chain of Philosophical Reflexions and Inquiries Concerning the Virtues of Tar Water And Divers Other Subjects Connected Together and Arising One from Another
Genealogy A Journal of American Ancestry Volume Yr1915
Poems of a Country Gentleman
The Divine Library of the Old Testament Its Origin Preservation Inspiration and Permanent Value Five Lectures
1914 - LVX
Regulations for Conducting the Musketry Instruction of the Army
Catalogue and Register of the Fort Wayne College Fort Wayne Indiana Volume Yr1889-1890
Souterrain Le Ou Les Deux Soeurs
Dramas in Miniature with a Front by Ford Madox Brown
The Proud Girl Humbled Or the Two School-Mates For Little Boys and Little Girls
Nova Scotia Gold Fields
Dr Jamesons Radiers vs the Johannesburg Reformers
New Travels Through North-America In a Series of Letters Exhibiting the History of the Victorious Campaign of the Allied Armies Under His Excellency General Washington and the Count de Rochambeau in the Year 1781
Echoes from Storyland
Leaf Key to the Trees of the Northern States and Canada and a Botanical Glossary
The Medical Examiner A Semi-Monthly Journal of Medical Sciences Volume 5 Issues 11-12
The Law of Agricultural Holdings Comprising the Agricultural Holdings ACT 1893 and County Court Rules The Law of Distress Amendment Acts 1888 1895 The Tenants Compensation ACT 1890 And the Market Gardeners Compensation ACT 1895 All Fully Ann
The Schools of New York A Glance at the Common School System of the Empire State
Catalogue of the Loan Book Exhibition Held at the University of California Berkeley May 26th to 31st 1884
Brief Sketch of the Life and Labors of REV Alexander Bettis [Microform] Also an Account of the Founding and Development of the Bettis Accademy
Deburau Comedie En Vers Libres
University of Illinois Bulletin Volume 17 Issue 8
Orange Culture
Negro Suffrage Should the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments Be Repealed
Publications of the Morrison Observatory Glasgow Missouri No 1 Containing Description of the Instruments and Details of Determination of the Geographic Coordinates of the Meridian Pier and Some Miscellaneous Observations and Notes
Five Miles Off Or the Finger Post A Comedy in Three Acts
What Have the Saints to Teach Us A Message from the Church of the Past to the Church of To-Day
Dante and Other Waning Classics
Vindiciae Gallicae Defence of the French Revolution and Its English Admirers Against the Accusations of the Right Hon Edmund Burke
Ways and Means for the Inhabitants of Delaware to Become Rich Wherein the Several Growths and Products of These Countries Are Demonstrated to Be a Sufficient Fund for a Flourishing Trade
Dutch Papers Extracts from the Dagh Register 1624-1642
Bulletin of the Essex Institute Volume 24
PT I the Exploration of Bushey Cavern Near Cavetown Maryland
Catalogue of the University Prints
Columbia University Oriental Studies Volume 9
Two Sermons on Ezekial XXXIII 11 to Which Are Added Two Supplemental Enquiries The First Concerning the Sentiments of the Church of England Respecting the Extent of the Christian Redemption [C] Tr by E Owen
Haverford Library Collection of Cuneiform Tablets or Documents from the Temple Archives of Telloh
Incidence of Notifiable Infectious Diseases in Each Sanitary District in England and Wales During the Year 1920
The Inaugural Addresses C Delivered at the Opening of the Law School in Connection with Dalhousie University Halifax Nova Scotia at the Beginning of the First Term in 1883
Money and Prices as Affecting the Producer and the Wage-Worker
Annona Sericea and Its Allies
Captain Thomas Stukeley
Dramas in Miniature
Dresden 1 The Royal Picture Gallery
A Primer of Pedagogy
English Commissioners and Irish Records A Letter in Reference to the Publication of the Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls of Ireland
Philadelphia Times Almanac for the Years 1876-1885 1887-1890 1892-1900
Bjornstjerne Bjornson 1832-1910
I Dont Know How
Reports Received by the Joint Distribution Committtee of Funds for Jewish War Sufferers
Details of Expenditure and Revenue
A Prize Treatise on the Character of Abraham Lincoln Volume C2
Special Report of the Commissioner of Labor
Per-Acids and Their Salts
Remarks on Some Fossil Impressions in the Sandstone Rocks of Connecticut River
Elements of Herpetology and of Ichthyology Prepared for the Use of Schools and Colleges
Palmers Views of Boston Past and Present
Dramatic Writings Comprising Like Will to Like Note-Book and Word-List Edited by John S Farmer
The Silver Spray A New and Choice Collection of Popular Sabbath-School Music Consisting of Duets Quartets Chants Choruses C Adapted for Anniversary Meetings Sabbath-School and Temperance Celebrations Home and Social Circle Etc
Wilberforce Cranmer Jewell and the Prayer Book On the Incarnation Volume 199
Catechism of Botany Or an Easy Introduction to the Vegetable Kingdom For the Use of Schools and Families
The Reporters Manual A Complete Exposition of the Reporting Style of Phonography
Biennial Report of the Board of Directors
Indiana Elementary Geography Being a Special Edition of the Natural Elementary Geography by J W Redway and Russell Hinman
Boise Idaho
Bulletin Issue 24
Memoirs of the Embassy of the Marshal de Bassompierre to the Court of England in 1626 Tr [From Vol 3 of His Memoires] with Notes [By JW Croker]
Twelve Lectures to the Men of Liverpool
An ACT to Organize the Militia Passed April 23d 1823 with Rules and Regulations Forms and Precedents
Quintus Cicero From the Correspondence of Marcus Tullius Cicero
Landscape Gardening Treatise on the General Principles Governing Outdoor Art With Sundry Suggestions for Their Application in the Commoner Problems of Gardening
Catiline His Conspiracy A Tragedy As It Is Now Acted by His Majestys Servants At the Threatre [Sic] Royal
Considerations Upon the Present State of Our Affairs At Home and Abroad in a Letter to a Member of Parliament from a Friend in the Country
Transactions of the Session of the Medical Society of the State of California Volume 4
Biennial Report of the State Board of Charities and Corrections of the State of California Volume 1
Outdoor Life in the Rockies
Raphael in Rome
Satanella Or the Power of Love A Romantic Opera in Four Acts
Views of the Basis of the Brain and Cranium Accompanied with Outlines and a Dissertation on the Origin of the Nerves
Annual Report of the Boston Board of Trade
Two Orations in Praise of Athenians Slain in Battle From the Greek with Reflexions
President Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco the Peninsula Marin and Sonoma Counties 1973-1974 Oral History Transcript 1991
Cuckoo Songs
On Human Nature Essays (Partly Posthumous) in Ethics and Politics
Toledo Public Schools Home Economics Cook Book for Elementary Grades
Libraries in the Medieval and Renaissance Periods
Bengoughs Chalk-Talks A Series of Platform Addresses on Various Topics with Reproductions of the Impromptu Drawings with Which They Were Illustrated
Titian A Collection of Fifteen Pictures and a Portrait of the Painter
The Priestly Vocation A Series of Fourteen Conferences Addressed to the Secular Clergy
East by West Essays in Transportation A Commentary on the Political Framework Within Which the East India Trade Has Been Carried on from Early Times Starting with Babylon and Ending Very Near Babylon
Reaping the Whirlwind and Other Poems
Preludes Offertories and Postludes for the Organ
Proceedings of the National Convention of American Cheap Transportation Association Held at Association Hall Richmond Va Commencing on the 1st December 1874
A Sequel to Websters Elementary Spelling Book Or a Speller and Definer Containing a Selection of 12000 of the Most Useful Words in the English Language with Their Definitions Intended to Be Used as a Spelling Book and a Dictionary
Tusayan Katcinas
The Life of Tobias Smollett MD With Critical Observations on His Works by Robert Anderson
Porcellian Club Centennial 1791-1891
Report on the Geological Structure and Mineral Resources of Prince Edward Island Being the Result of Explorations Conducted Under the Authority of the Local Government
Report of the Delegates of the United States to the Pan-American Scientific Congress Held at Santiago Chile Dec 25 1908 to Jan 5 1909
Tea and Tea Drinking
Recent Alunite Developments Near Marysvale and Beaver Utah
Interiors and Interior Details Fifty-Two Large Quarto Plates Comprising a Large Number of Original Designs of Halls Staircases Parlors Libraries Dining Rooms C
The Christian Creed Its Origin and Signification
Post Exchange Methods
In the Common Pleas Before Lord Chief Justice Tindal and a Special Jury The Brig Althass and Erin Steam Vessel
Rambles Among Words Their Poetry History and Wisdom
Songs of the Holy Land
Digest of Physical Tests and Laboratory Practice
Recollections of a Ramble During the Summer of 1816 In a Letter to a Friend
Transactions June 1898-June 1906 Volume 6
Facsimile of Pere Marquettes Illinois Prayer Book
Poetry and Criticism
Signs and Wonders
Soil Survey of La Crosse County Wisconsin
New and Comprehensive Lessons
Pulverized Fuel It Use and Possibilities
Translation of the Mining Law Applied to Cuba by Royal Decrees of October 10 1883 and June 27 1884 with an Appendix Containing All the Provisions Issued to Date
Marked Severities Roots Record in Philippine Warfare an Analysis of the Law and Facts Bearing on the Action and Utterances of President Roosevelt and Secretary Root
Catalogue of a Collection of Pottery and Porcelain Illustrating Popular British History
Review of the Relations Between the United States and Mexico and of the Claims of Citizens of the United States Against Mexico
Six Sermons on the Nature Occasions Signs Evils and Remedy of Intemperance
Botanical Exercises Including Directions Rules and Descriptions Calculated to Aid Pupils in the Analysis of Plants With a Labelling Catalogue for the Assistance of Teachers
Excitements to Beneficence Held Out to Mankind in the Character and Example of Richard Reynolds Esq Late of Bristol Deceased One of the Society of Friends Consisting of a Sketch of His Life Accounts of His Death and Burial Reflections on His Char
Cheap-Money Experiments in Past and Present Times Reprinted with Slight Revision from Topics of the Time in the Century Magazine
Candles in the Sun
Voices from the Crowd and Other Poems
Arizona Bibliography A Private Collection of Arizoniana
Arts and Science Calendar
Daughters of Eve Including Frank Harris Set Down in Malice
Spectra a Book of Poetic Experiments
A-B-C of Vegetable Gardening
The Beyond That Is Within and Other Addresses
Aviation Its Principles Its Present and Future
State Registration for Nurses
Church Finance A Study of Wrong Methods and the Remedy
Hampton Lane Family Memorial a Re-Print of the Address at the Funeral of Dea Joshua Lane of Hampton NH (Who Was Killed by Lightning June 14 1766)
Directory of Short-Horn Breeders of the United States Alphabetically Arranged by States 1905
History by the Topical Method
Descriptive Catalogue of the Coleoptera of South Africa Volume V3-4
Directory of Manufacturers of and Dealers in Engineers and Contractors Machinery and Supplies A Classified List of Machinery and Supplies Manufactured by Advertisers in the Sixth Annual Cont
Department Store Occupations
Exercises at the Bi-Centennial Celebration of the First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia Sabbath Morning November 13 to Friday Evening November 18 1898
Difficulties of History Texts Simply Explained The Constitution Tariff Spoils System Monroe Doctrine Civil Service States Rights American Democracy Religious Toleration Etc
Notes on the Climate of Shanghai 1873-1902
The Development of the Ontario High School
Special Report of the California State Board of Equalization
All about Shakespeare
The Transcendentalists A Satire for the Age in Two Fyttes of Song
The Discovery of Oxygen
Physiology for the Laboratory
Love-Songs of Childhood
Close to Nature A Farcical Episode in the Life of an American Family in Four Acts
The Professor and Other Poems
Icarian Flights Translations of Some of the Odes of Horace
The Hunterian Oration for 1867
A Debate on India in the English Parliament
Poetry of the Heart Or Thoughts from the Soul Together with Verses on Various Subjects
The English Lakes
Arctic Rovings Or the Adventures of a New Bedford Boy on Sea and Land
Ocean Jottings from England to British Columbia Being a Record of a Voyage from Liverpool to Vancouvers Island Via the Straits of Magellan the Steamship West Indian and Embracing Scenes and Incidents of the Chilian Revolution
Priestley in America 1794-1804
Tacoma and Vicinity
Instruction in Agronomy at Some Agricultural Colleges
The Essentials of Poultry Raising A Textbook for Vocational Agricultural Schools
Fifty Years of Science Being the Address Delivered at York to the British Association August 1881
The Roman Father a Tragedy as It Is Acted at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane by His Majestys Servants
Sketches by Samuel Prout in France Belgium Germany Italy and Switzerland
Corydon An Elegy in Memory of Matthew Arnold and Oxford
Sugar Made from Maize and Sorghum a New Discovery
The Psalm-Singers Amusement Containing a Number of Fuging Pieces and Anthems
Publications Volume V 5
Cabinet Form of Government
Ovid Heroides I-X A Vocabulary and Test Papers
US Volunteer Service Manual
[Poultry Articles Special Poultry Number of Farming]
Birds of Lakeside and Prairie
The Minerals of California And County Atlas
Practical Lessons in Gaelic For the Use of English-Speaking Students
Vegetable Culture for Amateurs Alphabetically Arranged with a Practical Calendar of Operations for the Year
History of Sherburne Mass From Its Incorporation MDCLXXIV to the End of the Year MDCCCXXX Including That of Framingham and Holliston So Far as They Were Constituent Parts of That Town
Glimpses of the Far West An Account of a Party of Epworth Leaguers Who Attended the 1901 Convention at San Francisco Lights and Shadows of the Long Journey with Its Many Side-Trips
The Universities of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland A Handbook Compiled by the Universities Bureau of the British Empire
The Photographic Primer A Manual of Practice
Tested Formulas and Useful House and Farm Recipes
Pasquin and Marforio on the Peace Being a Discussion by These Celebrated Statues at Rome of the General Conduct of England But Particularly Pending the Late War and in Negociating the Present Peace
Annual Report - State Board of Health State of Florida Volume 1893
Olive Culture in the Alpes Maritimes Report from Consul Bradley of Nice in Answer to a Circular from the Department of State
Sheep-Husbandry in the United States Its Origin and Growth
RAOA Overcharge and Agency Relief Claim Rules (1921 Edition)
Starting Right with Bees
Charter and By-Laws of the Trustees Together with a Statement Concerning the Original Charter and the Rules of Order of the Board
International Law Case of the Trent Capture and Surrender of Mason and Slidell
Historical Gleanings
Montreal Pictured and Described
Univeralism and Orthodoxy A Course of Eight Sermons
Companion to the Gem A Selection of the Most Popular and Choice Hymns for Sabbath Schools
The Consolation A Poem
Debate on the Subject of Confederation with Canada
the Second Epistle to the Corinthians With Notes Map and Introduction
Genealogical Memoirs of Various Families of Tomkinson (1620-1904)
A Sturdy Little Northland A Tribute to the Shetlanders
Commercial Fertilizers B Inspection 1911 Volume 138
An Account of Louisiana Being an Abstract of Documents Delivered In or Transmitted to Mr Jefferson President of the United States of America and by His Laid Before Congress and Published by Their Order
Excision of the Knee Joint With Report of Twenty-Eight Cases
Abstracts from the Meteorological Observations Taken at the Stations of the Royal Engineers in the Year 1853-4 With a Brief Discussion of Some of the Results and Notes on Meteorological Subjects
Dreamy Hours
Joseph E Johnston an Address Delivered Before the Association of Ex-Confederate Soldiers and Sailors of Washington DC
Kuklos an Experimental Investigation Into the Relationship of Certain Lines
Indiana in the War An Address by Hon EC Toner Delivered Oct 25 1918 at the Lincoln Hotel Indianapolis Ind
Hand-Book for the City of Montreal and Its Environs With a Plan of the City and a Geological Map of the Surrounding Country
Checklist of Indexed Periodicals
Sir Charles Woods Administration of Indian Affairs from 1859 to 1866
Picturesque Montreal Or the Tourists Souvenir of a Visit to the Commercial Metropolis of the Dominion of Canada
How We Are Governed
The A B C of Poultry A Reference Work for Amateur Fancier and Professional on Poultry-Keeping
The Ready Guide to British Birds
The War Revenue Law of 1898
A Description of the Mount Vernon School in 1832 Being a Brief Account of the Internal Arrangements and Plans of the Institution Addressed to a New Scholar
The Training School Quarterly October November December 1915 Volume 2
A Boys Religion
The Roadmender
A List of Pensioners of the War of 1812
The Relations of French and English Society (1763-1793)
The History of the Bank of Bengal An Epitome of a Hundred Years of Banking in India
The Book of Vegetables
The Crook in the Lot Or a Display of the Sovereignty and Wisdom of God in the Afflictions of Men and the Christians Deportment Under Them
The Income Tax in the Commonwealth of the United States
A Dream of Lilies
A Review of the Work of the Experimental Farms
The Rating of Land Values Notes Upon the Proposals to Levy Rates in Respect of Site Values
The Doctrine of the Priesthood in the Church of England
An Experimental Investigation of the Process of Choosing
The Boys of Drayton
The Booster Volume Yr1918
The Book about the Sea Gardens of Nassau Bahamas
The East-India Trade of Providence from 1787 to 1807
The New Poems of Jean Inglelow John Greenleaf Whittier Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Ethnozoology of the Tewa Indians
Catechism of Musical History Translated from the German
Prairie-Dog Town
Gilbert of Colchester An Elizabethan Magnetizer
Potteries of the Cesnola Collection in the South Aisle of the Great Hall
Privates Handbook of Military Courtesy and Guard Duty Being Paragraphs from Authorized Manuals with Changes in Manual of Arms Saluting Etc According to Recent Modifications and Their Adaptations to the Springfield Arm Embodied and Notes
Old Colony Collection of Anthems Volume V 1
On Optical Apparatus Used in Lighthouses
Report on the Necessity of Preserving and Replanting Forests
Souvenir Views of the State Normal School Bloomsburg Pa
Vagotonia A Clinical Study in Vegetative Neurology
A Pre-Existent Lapse of Human Souls Demostrated from Reason
Propertii Monobibdos Or That Book of the Elegies of Propertius Entitled Cynthia
The Church and the Press Or Christian Literature the Inheritance of the Church and the Press an Educator and an Evangelist
Points of Humour
Pronunciation of Ancient Greek [Microform]
Protecting and Water-Proofing Solid Floor Bridges
Portuguese Self-Taught (Thimms System) with Phonetic Pronunciation
The Church of Christ A Discourse
Problems of the New Life
What One Can Do with a Chafing-Dish a Guide for Amateur Cooks
Voices of the Twilight and Other Poems
American Addresses With a Lecture on the Study of Biology
Studies Introductory to a Theory of Education
Tim and Tip
Arithmetic Exercises for Fourth Book Classes
Church of Scotland Speech Corrected Report
Parks and Park Engineering
Talent in Drawing An Experimental Study of the Use of Tests to Discover Special Ability
Origin of the Festival of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Que Bec Its Gates and Environs with Illustrations Etc Something about the Streets Lanes and Early History of the Ancient Capital
Youthful Fancies and Ione
Red Tarn Or the Vision of the Lake A Thrillig Temperance Poem in Fourteen Cantos
Love and Peril
Illustrations Showing Condition of Fur-Seal Rookeries in 1895 and Method of Killing Seals
Queen Loeta and the Mistletoe a Fairy Rhyme
Dominion Day Caractacus Malcolm and Margaret Poems
Angling Experiences and Reminiscences
Second Report on International Literary Exchanges Addressed to His Excellency Hamilton Fish Governor of the State of New-York on the 15th of March 1850
Whig Against Tory Or the Military Adventures of a Shoemaker A Tale of the Revolution for Children
Pamphlets on Forest Utilization
Guano A Treatise of Practical Information for Farmers
Page or Prentice
Aristotle on the Constitution of Athens
Paul The Herald of the Cross
Champions of Christianity
As It Was in the Beginning Or the Historic Principle Applied to the Mosaic Scriptures
Regulations for the Uniform of the United States Army
Annual Report of the Board of Police for the City of Boston
The Provincial Elections of 1897 A Redeeming Policy Five Years of Conservative Administration
Benjamin Franklin the Printer-Boy
Open Letters on Baptism
My First Year in Canada
Report of the British Agent to the Russian Seal Islands Under the Provisional Agreement Entered Into Between Her Majestys Government and That of Russia for the Protection of the Seal Fisheries During 1893 With Appendices
Belinda An April Folly in Three Acts
Hand-Book and Self-Teacher for the Local Marine Board of Canada Comprising a Series of Questions with Answers and Explanations
Where Believers May Doubt Or Studies in Biblical Inspiration and Other Problems of Faith
A Summary of Papers Read at Different Times Before the Royal Society of Canada the Canadian Association of Civil Engineers And Architects and Literary and Scientific Societies or Which Have Appeared Occasionally in Scientific and Other Publications
Debate in the Senate on the Canadian Pacific Railway The Government Policy Criticised
Klondyke Nuggets Being a Brief Description of the Newly Discovered Gold Regions of the North West Territories and Alaska
Wise or Otherwise
My Little Poultry Farm
Revelstoke City Directory 1898 Vol II May 1
Miscellaneous Poems Translated Into English Prose
Sir John William Dawson A Brief Biographical Sketch
Annual Report of the Officers of the Town of Ashland
Manual of Law and Usage Compiled from the Standards and the Acts and Decisions of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
What Women Say of the Canadian North-West A Simple Statement of the Experiences of Women Settled in All Parts of Manitoba and the North-West Territories
Plays and Poems
Catalogue of a Collection of Books Letters and Manuscripts Written by Walt Whitman in the Library of George M Williamson Grand View on Hudson
History of the Eel River Christian Conference from Its Organization to the Present Time--August 15 1902-- Also History of All the Churches of the Conference from Their Organization to the Present Time Together with Biographical Sketches of Ministers
Bits of Glass Miscellaneous and Love Poems Fragments of Passion Written Between the Ages of Ten and Nineteen
Compendio Sagrado de La Peregrina Historia de Los Santisimos Corporales y Mysterio de Daroca
Plaster Overburnt Gypsum Hydraulic Gypsum
Poems for Little People and Those of Larger Growth
Eccentric Effusions Consisting of Poems Humorous Satirical Sentimental and Moral
My First School-Book To Teach Me to Read and Spell Words and Understand Them
Farming Opportunities Along the Lehigh Valley Railroad
Organisation and Activity of the IR Agricultural Society of Vienna
Poems by a Brother and Sister
A Pair of Sixes A Farce in Three Acts
Carlyle Personally and in His Writings Two Edinburgh Lectures
Liste Par Ordre Alphabetique Des Representans Du Peuple Au Corps Legislatif Avec Leur Demeure Et LIndication de Leur Departement Suivie de LIndicateur-General Des Bureaux Du Directoire Executif
Papers Relating to the City of New York
Fanny and Robbie A Year Book for the Children of the Church
Geometrical Drawing A Collection of Plates for Practical Use in Elementary Mechanical Drawing
Official Directory of Ohio Flour Mills
Blue Bird Notes Gleams of Gladness
Out and About A Note-Book of London in War-Time
Stop the BS and Get It Done Workbook Create Sell and Promote Anything in 7 Steps
Maggies Rosary and Other Tales by the Author of Marion Howard Ed by Mrs Washington Hibbert
Die Gesellschaft
Goethes Politische Lehrjahre
Hohe Schein Der
The American Dream Success Failure and the Female Dreamers
Altersbedingte Makuladegeneration (AMD) - Erkennen Behandeln Damit Leben
Discover Udon Thani North East Thailand
Zeit Den Spiegel Vorhalten Der
The Participant Principle A Guide to Getting the Best Recruitment for Your User Testing and Qualitative Research
Die Englische Erziehung
Beratung in Der Erwachsenenbildung Die Beratungstelle Zur Weiterbildung Der Vhs y in Kooperation Mit Dem Z EV
Proceedings of the Annual Convention Volume 1913
Report of the Public Schools of Newfoundland Under Church of England Boards
Between Shots
Jesus and the Men about Him
Ecclesiastical Discipline Its Necessity Purpose and Methods as Shown in the Presbyterian Book of Discipline
[Progymnasmata E Lexeos Attikes Dia Paradeigmaton Didake] Being a Primer of Greek Prose Composition
Devonshire Street
Seed-Time and Harvest
Early Marriage Records of the Weaver Family in the United States Official and Authoritative Records of Weaver Marriages in the Original States and Colonies from 1628 to 1865
Palestine An Epic of the Holy Land
Report of a Special Inquiry Relative to Aged and Dependent Persons in Massachusetts 1915 Pursuant to the Provisions of Chapter 120 Resolves of 1914 December 15 1916
Psychological Year Book Second Series Quotations Showing the Laws the Ways the Means the Methods for Gaining Lasting Health Happiness Peace and Prosperity
Experiments Upon Wheat Volume 7
Worlds Columbian Exposition Rand McNally Cos Sketch Book Illustrating and Describing the Principal Buildings with Their Locations Dimensions Cost Etc and Indexed Birds-Eye View of the Grounds
Wild-Flowers Or a Wreath of Doggerels
The First Landing on Wrangel Island With Some Remarks on the Northern Inhabitants
The Public Presentation to Mr E D Morel Among Those Associated with the Effort for Reform of Conditions of the Congo
Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records and of the Keeper of the State Papers in Ireland
Proceedings of the Annual Convention Volume 1917
Tables for the Determination of the Price of Milk on the Relative Value Plan and the Computation of the Value of Any Amount of Milk from 10 Cents to $160 Per Cwt for the Use of Creameries and Cheese Factories
The Fluctuations of Gold The Law of Payment
Protecting the Nations Money A Brief Sketch Recounting How Bank-Exchange Has But Recently Come to Take the Place of Currency--And How the Modern Forger Has Improved His Opportunity--Together with an Account of the Labors of American Inventors During the
Eustathia or the Constancie of Susanna Containing the Preservation of the Godly Subversion of the Wicked Precepts for the Aged Instructions for Youth Pleasure with Profitte
The Poultry Herald Manual A Guide to Successful Poultry Keeping
Elements of Dynamic An Introduction to the Study of Motion and Rest in Solid and Fluid Bodies
Caldwell and the Revolution A Historical Sketch of the First Presbyterian Church of Elizabeth Prior to and During the War of the Revolution Being a Discourse Delivered on Sunday January 25th 1880
Clinical Reports on Insanity
In Memoriam REV William Taylor DD Erskine Church Montreal
Dogma and Duty
Purchasing Agent Magazine of Centralized Buying Volume 6 Issue 2
Design and Subjects of Baptism
Anthony Benezet from the Original Memoir [By R Vaux] Revised with Additions by W Armistead
Views of the English Lakes
Mary Baldwin Seminary Bluestocking 1908
Engineers and Their Triumphs The Story of the Locomotive the Steamship Bridge Building Tunnel Making
Dr James C Coxs Exchange List of Land and Marine Shells from Australia and the Adjacent Islands
Co-Operative Stores Their History Organization and Management
The Dawn of Freedom Or the Last Days of Chivalry Other Poems
Acts and Laws Passed by the General Court or Assembly of His Majesties Province of New-Hampshire in New-England
Christ Church Salem Street Boston 1723
Letters Written from England August 4 to November 4 1914
Wives on Strike
Grammatica Hebraea Wasmuthi Synoptica Antehac A G Wegnero Adornata
Times Telescope Universal and Perpetual Fitted for All Countries and Capacities
Klondyke and Fortune The Experiences of a Miner Who Has Acquired a Fortune in the Yukon Valley
Sylvicola Or Songs from the Backwoods
Germany Misjudged An Appeal to International Good Will in the Interest of a Lasting Peace
Colonization Circular
Electric Light Accounts and Thier Significance
A Military Manual of Infantry Drill Including the Manual and Platoon Exercises Designed for the Use of the Officers Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of the Volunteer Forces of Vancouver Island and British Columbia
History and Geanology [!] of the Stewart Elliott and Dunwoody Families
Eggs of North American Birds
Eustaces of Co Kildare
Scheffel ALS Romandichter = Scheffel as a Novelist
The Sweet Singer Nettie Van Name And Her Seven Years Work for Jesus
The Essential Principles of the Wealth of Nations Illustrated in Opposition to Some False Doctrines of Adam Smith and Others
Rhymes of Our Valley
Design and Darwinism
Christian Work as a Vocation
Life of SGW Archibald
Spraying Crops
Aufgaben Und Beispiele Fur Die Studien Im Harmonielehre Mit Bezugnahme Auf Des Verfassers Lehrbuch Der Harmonie = Exercises and Examples for the Study in Harmony Appertaining to the Manual of Harmony
Miscellanea Biographica
Dissertation on St Pauls Voyage from Caesarea to Puteoli And on the Apostles Shipwreck on the Island Melite
Battles of Mexico
Decennial Record of the Class of 1874 of Princeton College
Speech of Mr Girouard MP on the Disturbance in the North-West Ottawa July 7th 1885
Public Finance with an Introd by JM Keynes
Warren Hastings
The White Indian A Wild West Drama in Four Acts
Studies on the Reproduction and Artificial Propagation of Fresh-Water Mussels
Pleiades Club Year Book
Silhouette (1905) Volume 3
University of the United States April 1 1902
Etchings from a Parsonage Veranda
Poems by a Little Girl
Plans for Busy Work
Modern Show Card Lettering Designs Etc
By-Laws of St Georges Lodge of Ancient Free Accepted Masons No 440 English Registry Montreal Canada
The Practical Papermaker A Complete Guide to the Manufacture of Paper
The Penalties of Taste And Other Essays
Live Towns and Progressive Men of Florida
Tenth Report on the North-Western Tribes of Canada
Correspondence Respecting the Canadian Pacific Railway ACT So Far as Regards British Columbia
Annual Report National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases Volume 1993
Further Correspondence Respecting the Behring Sea Seal Fisheries
Ralegh in Guiana Rosamond and a Christmas Masque
Poems by an Able Seaman
The Preparation of Manuscripts for the Printer
Lectures to Young Men Delivered in the Church of the Messiah
Intermediate Physiology and Hygiene for Lower Grammar Grades
Bacteriology Applied to the Canning and Preserving of Food Products
The Charles Frederick Chandler Testimonial Supplement
A Present to Kings
The Prince of Abissinia A Tale
Proceedings of the Convention
Presbyterian Colleges The Colleges Co-Operating with the College Board of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
Gotama Buddha A Biography (Based on the Canonical Books of the Theravadin)
1796-1896 a Century of Congregationalism in Ohio
The Cloud World Its Features and Significance Being a Popular Account of Forms and Phenomena with an Extended Glossary
Practical Guide to the Determination of Metals by the Blowpipe
Computation and Mensuration
Poems Gerda Dalliba
Mary Baldwin Seminary Bluestocking 1905
Punjabi Musalmans
An Idyl of the South
Program 250th Anniversary of the Founding of the Village of Bergen 1660 With Illustrated Historical Sketch and Maps
Mary Baldwin Seminary Bluestocking 1903
A Political and Constitutional Study of the Cumberland Road
Clarks O N T Book of Needlework
Carpio a Tragedy
The Architect of Cologne and Other Poems
Blanche The Maid of Lille
Proceedings of the Annual Convention Volume 1910
The Laws of Connecticut An Exact Reprint of the Original Edition of 1673
The Critical Handbook A Guide to the Study of the Authenticity Canon and Text of the Greek New Testament
Germany and England
The Beauties of Oxford A Poetical Translation of a Latin Poem Written in the Year 1795
Facts for Klondyke and Alaska Seekers
Charter for the Construction of the Pacific Railway With Papers and Correspondence
Simple Truths in Verse for the Amusement and Instruction of Children at an Early Age
Some Modifications of the Common Theory of Flexure with Special Reference to the Design of Wood Beams Used in Air Craft
Ten Common Trees
Tourists and Settlers Guide to Florida 1895-6
Medical Faculty McGill College Semi-Centennial Celebration Introductory Address A Sketch of the Life of the Late Dr GW Campbell and a Summary of the Early History of the Faculty
Debate in the Senate on the Public Expenditure of the Dominion March 1878
The Genitalia of the Group Tortricidae of the Lepidoptera of the British Islands an Account of the Morphology of the Male Clasping Organs and the Corresponding Organs of the Female
The Tiptonian Volume Yr1908
The Fairy School of Castle Frank
The Principles of Gujarati Grammar Comprising the Substance of a Gujarati Grammar
The Land Transfer Rules 1903 1907 and 1908 (Consolidated) the Land Transfer Fee Order 1908 and Tables of Fees
The Trial of Henry Yorke for a Conspiracy C Before the Hon Mr Justice Rooke at the Assizes Held for the County of York on Saturday July 10 1795 Published by the Defendant from Mr Ramsays Short-Hand Notes
Dingwall Fordyce and Connections
University of Illinois Bulletin Volume 11 Issue 48
Studies for Poems
Manual of the Course of Study Bancroft Training School for Mentally Subnormal Children
Guide to the Fishing and Hunting Resorts in the Vicinity of the Grand Trunk Railway of Canada Containing Particulars of Fish Game Hotels Livery and General Facilities
Talks about Labor and Concerning the Evolution of Justice Between the Laborers and the Capitalists
Notes on Public Works in the United States and in Canada Including a Description of the St Lawrence and the Mississippi Rivers and Their Main Tributaries
Presbyterianism in Puslinch Duffs and Knox Churches 1839-1899
Retrospects A History of the Formation and Progress of the Womens Missionary Aid Societies of the Maritime Provinces
Manual of Practical Book-Keeping
Aurora (1897) Volume [1] 1897
A Trip to Alaska Being a Report of a Lecture Given with Stereopticon Illustrations
Address on the Northwest Before the American Geographical and Statistical Society Delivered at New York December 2 1858
Chronological and Alphabetical Tables of the Principal Facts of the History of Canada 1492-1887
Gas Consumers Manuel Or How to Obtain Cheap Gas and Good Light With Some Remarks on the Advantages and Comforts of Gas for Lighting Cooking and Heating and Directions as to How to Read the Index of the Meter
Apple-Bud Selection Apple Seedlings from Selected Trees
Disputatio Medica Inauguralis de Dentium Formatione Et Structura in Homine Et in Variis Animalibus
Charles Wolcott Henry 1852-1903
The Tourists Pictorial Guides and Hand Book to British Columbia And the Shores of the Northern Pacific Waters
Photographic Gems Being a Collection of Views of Cornell University
Eastern Songs
Cream Raising by the Centrifugal and Other Systems Compared and Explained With a Full Description of the Plant Required and How to Use It and a Chapter on the Construction of Ice Houses Rooms and Cellars for Cold Storage
British Columbia Canadas Most Westerly Province Its Position Advantages Resources and Climate New Fields for Mining Farming and Ranching Along the Lines of the Canadian Pacific Railway Information for Prospectors Miners and Intending Settlers
Bookkeeping and Business Practice
Money and Prices A Statistical Study of Price Movements
Sir Henry Raeburn A Selection from His Portraits
Echoes from a Sunday-School
Unmade in Heaven A Play in Four Acts
Wayside Fragments
Moses [And] the Crime of Poverty
My Ain Laddie
The Story of Ford Abbey From the Earliest Times to the Present Day
A Brave Man and His Belongings Being Some Passages in the Life of Sir John Franklin FRS KHC C C First Discoverer of the North-West Passage
T Macci Plavti Menaechmi
Text-Book of Local Anaesthesia for Students and Practitioners
Early Chicago Fort Dearborn An Address Delivered at the Unveiling of the Memorial Tablet to Mark the Site of the Block-House May 21st 1881 Under the Auspices of the Chicago Historical Society to Which Have Been Added Notes and an Appendix
Memoir of William A Jackson A Member of the Albany Bar and Colonel of the 18th Regiment NY Volunteers Who Died at the City of Washington November 11 1861
Fashionable Levities A Comedy in Five Acts
Forms of Procedure for General and Summary Courts-Martial Courts of Inquiry Investigations Naval and Marine Examining and Retiring Boards
Days in the East A Poem
First Lessons in Dairying a Handbook Setting Forth the Underlying Principles of Dairying for the Student Beginner in the Laboratory and on the Farm
On Some Deficiencies in Our English Dictionaries Being the Substance of Two Papers Read Before the Philological Society Nov 5 and Nov 19 1857
Proceedings of the Bar and Officers of the Supreme Court of the United States in Memory of Edward Douglass White December 17 1921
In a Day of Social Rebuilding Lectures on the Ministry of the Church
Guide to the District of Craven And the Settle and Carlisle Railway with Illustrations
By the Way Verses Fragments and Notes
History of Reynoldsville and Vicinity Including Winslow Township
Wonderbaere Veranderinge Van de Wereltsche Liefde in de Goddelycke Ofte de Seldtsaeme Bekeeringe Van Maria Magdalena Op Rym Beschreven
Reports on the Counties of Rimouski Matane and Temiscouata
In Memoriam William Holcomb Webster of Connecticut Late Chief Examiner of the United States Civil Service Commission Washington D C
Catalogue of the Charters Deeds and Manuscripts in the Public Reference Library at Sheffield
Brewster Ship Masters
Two Hundred Recipes for Cooking in Casseroles
Debate in the Senate on the Resolutions Respecting British Columbia
Church History Handbooks
Arboreal Life and the Evolution of the Human Eye A Revised Publication of the Bowman Lecture Delivered Before the Ophthalmological Soociety of the United Kingdom in May 1921
Letters from Illinois
Contributions from the Lick Observatory Issue 4
Choice Tales for the Improvement of Youth of Both Sexes
Vermeer of Delft
New York Yacht Club
Lincoln and Stanton A Study of the War Administration of 1861 and 1862 with Special Consideration of Some Recent Statements of Gen Geo B McClellan
Florida Beauties of the East Coast
The Borzoi 1920 Being a Sort of Record of Five Years Publishing
Holy Communion [The Anglican Order of Service with Additions Mainly from Roman Catholic Books of Devotions Used in the Diocese of Paris]
State Rights A Photograph from the Ruins of Ancient Greece
Californiana And Sketches of the Southwest
The Eloquence of the Colonial and Revolutionary Times with Sketches of Early American Statesmen and Patriots Delivered Before the New England Society of Cincinnati
The Avengers and Other Poems from South Africa
A New Years Masque and Other Poems
A Design and Prospects for a National Gallery of History and Art in Washington
Contributions to the History of Musical Scales
The Human Machine and Industrial Efficiency
The Formulation of Standards of Educational Achievement for a State
Slavery and Southern Methodism Two Sermons Preached in the Methodist Church in Newman Georgia
Estelle An Idyl of Old Virginia
Essie A Romance in Rhyme
The Post-Tertiary Geology of Cornwall
The Doctrine of Formal Discipline
Address of President Roosevelt on the Occasion of the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Pilgrim Memorial Monument
A Vision of Immortality [Poem]
A Tribute to the Genius of William Shakespeare Being the Programme of a Performance at Drury Lane Theatre on May 2 1916 the Tercentenary of His Death Humbly Offered by the Players and Their Fellow-Workers in the Kindred Arts of Music Painting
The Negro Question in the French Revolution
Three Roads to a Commission in the United States Army
Echoes from the Highland Hills
Customs and Excise Tariff with a List of Warehousing Ports in the Dominion Sterling Exchange Franc Tables Compiled from Official Sources 21st February 1877
[Album of Portraits of Founders and Members] Volume V 1
Working for the Children in the Home and in the Sunday School
Report on Russian Fruits
Reminiscences of Fifty Years in the Cloister 1839-1889 A Sequel to Glimpses of the Monastery
Revision of the Cucujidae of America North of Mexico
Supplementary Report on the Coals of Clover Fork and Poor Fork in Harlan County
First Book on Anatomy Physiology and Hygiene for Schools and Families
Niagara Library 1800 to 1820 Early Schools of Niagara
All Around the House Or How to Make Homes Happy
Peeps at Heraldry
History of Medecine in Massachusetts A Centennial Address Delivered Before the Massachusetts Medical Society at Cambridge June 7 1881
Cross Newfoundland with the Governor Visit to Our Mining Region And This Newfoundland of Ours Eing a Series of Papers on the Natural Resources and Future Prospects of the Colony
The British Columbia Almanac 1898 Specially Compiled for This Province with Other General Information
Pitmans Readings in Commercial French with Notes and Translations in English
Contract Specifications and an ACT Respecting the Construction of the Quebec Montreal Ottawa and Occidental Railway--
Manual Shewing the Private Bill Practice of the Parliament of Canada
Speech of John Charlton MP on Unrestricted Reciprocity with the United States Delivered in the Canadian House of Commons Thursday March 7th 1889
Toronto and Adjacent Summer Resorts Illustrated Souvenir and Guide Book with Maps and Tables of Railway and Steamboat Fares Hotel Rates Meteorological Data Etc
Ye Last Sweet Thing in Corners Being Ye Faithful Drama of Ye Artists Vendetta
The Lower Slopes Reminiscences of Excursions Round the Base of Helicon Undertaken for the Most Part in Early Manhood
Ontario Elections 1898 Grit Rule and the Hardy Government The Record and Platform of the Conservative Opposition Elections March 1
Old and New Mackinac With Copious Extracts from Marquette Hennepin La Houtan Cadillac Alexander Henry and Others
Better Citizenship Through Art Training
Diary For the First Time Fully Transcribed from the Shorthand Manuscript in the Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge
Bibliotheca Pretiosa Being an Unusually Choice Collection of Books and Manuscripts in Exceptionally Fine Condition Including Incunabula Rare Editions of Early English Classics and Especially of Shakespeare Spenser Milton Defoe George Herbert and
de Omnibus
Kela Bai An Anglo-Indian Idyll
Hebrew Theism The Common Basis of Judaism Christianity and Mohammedism With Revisions and Additions to the Quarto Ed of 1858
Diary of Colonel Israel Angell Commanding the Second Rhode Island Continental Regiment During the American Revolution 1778-1781
Believe Me Xantippe A Comedy in Four Acts
Descriptive Notice of the Drawings and Publications of the Arundel Society Arranged in the Order of Their Issue
The Bible Doctrine of Atonement Six Lectures Given in Westminister Abbey
Experiments with the Displacement Interferometer
Astrographic Catalogue 1900-0 Oxford Section Dec +24 to +32 From Photographs Taken and Measured at the University Observatory Oxford Under the Direction of Herbert Hall Turner
Hydraulic and Other Tables for Purposes of Sewerage and Water-Supply
Common Sense Advanced Drills on Grahams Shorthand Simplified Part II
Artificial Incubating and Brooding
The Bird-Store Man An Old-Fashioned Story
The Laboring Classes of England Especially Those Concerned in Agriculture and Manufactures In a Series of Letters
Where Iron Is There Is the Fatherland! a Note on the Relation of Privilege and Monopoly to War
Dicks Dutch French and Yankee Dialect Recitations a Collection of Droll Dutch Blunders Frenchmens Funny Mistakes and Ludicrous and Extravagant Yankee Yarns Each Recitation Being in Its Own Peculiar Dialect
Standards of Reasonableness in Local Freight Discriminations
Fifty-Two Old Testament Lessons for Sunday Schools Gradation 1-3
Greek Biology and Medicine
A Translation of the Treatise Chagigah from the Babylonian Talmud
A Discourse on the Conduct of the Government of Great Britain In Respect to Neutral Nations During the Present War
Laws of Intestacy in the Dominion of Canada
History and By-Laws of Golden Rule Lodge No 4 QR AF and A M Stanstead PQ Canada
The New Opportunities of the Ministry
Argument Upon the Jurisdiction of the House of Commons to Commit in Cases of Breach of Privilege
Hame Songs
An Appeal to the Canadian Institute on the Rectification of Parliament
Digest of Workmens Compensation Laws in the United States and Territories with Annoations
Around the Yule Log
Money A Comedy in Five Acts as Performed at the Theatre Royal Haymarket
The Days of Mohammed
Present State of the Longitude Question in Navigation (Tuesday the 26th April 1859)
The Freedom of the Seas
The Ballad of Hadji and Other Poems with Etched Front by William Strang and Head and Tail Pieces by JB Clark
Deficient Children Being an Application of the Binet Scale of Intelligence to the Backward Children in the Bloomington Indiana Public Schools
The Ten Nequdoth of the Torah Or the Meaning and Purpose of the Extraordinary Points of the Pentateuch (Massoretic Text) a Contribution to the History of Textual Criticism Among the Ancient Jews
Manual of the Laboratory of Mathematics and Dynamics Engineering Building McGill University
Letters from Literary Characters to E Barton
A Study With Critical and Explanatory Notes of Alfred Tennysons Poem the Princess
Railway Construction and Working With an Abstract of the Discussion Upon the Papers
Reports Upon Railway Commissions Railway Rate Grievances and Regulative Legislation
What Is Man Or Thoughts on the Origin Nature and Destiny of Man
Concilation with the Colonies The Speech
University Anthology
Through Evangelines Country
Home Ballads
A Search for Money Or the Lamentable Complaint for the Loss of the Wandering Knight Monsieur LArgent from the Original Edition of 1609
Sailing Directions of Henry Hudson Prepared for His Use in 1608 from the Old Danish of Ivar Bardsen With an Introduction and Notes Also a Dissertation on the Discovery of the Hudson River
Vicente Anes Pincon
Alaska the New Eldorado Its History Its Gold Fields Its Scenery Its Routes of Travel
Chebucto and Other Poems
Parish Church and Cathedral of St Luke the Evangelist
The Antiquity of Man in America A Paper Read Before the Nova Scotian Institute of Natural Science on the Evenings of the 8th February and 8th March 1869
Report Upon Cotton
Gods Truth and Mans Infidelity Or Faith and Sight Contrasted A Book for Those Last Days
Valerian A Narrative Poem Intended in Part to Describe the Early Persecutions of Christians and Rapidly to Illustrate the Influence of Christianity on the Manners of Nations
Family Expense Account Including Problems of Investment and Expenditure
Life and Travels of James Fisher An Autobiography
West Point Tic Tacs a Collection of Military Verse Together with the Special Poem Cadet Grey
American Versus English Methods of Bridge Designing
Poems Dramatic and Democratic
Letters on the Present State of the Agricultural Interest
Poems of the Heart
Seaward An Elegy on the Death of Thomas William Parsons
Pleasing and Instructive Stories for Young Children
Poems of Love and Earth
Practical Suggestions as to Instruction in Farming in the United States Canada A Self-Supporting Occupation and Opening in Life for Gentlemens Sons and a Prudent Way of Starting for Any Who Desire to Engage in Agriculture in America
Plate-Swimming with Notes on the Science of Natation
Relief Society Song Book A Collection of Selected Hymns and Songs Especially Arranged for the Use of the Relief Societies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Pencilings of Light and Shade
Poems Written on Different Occasions
Wanderings in the Isle of Wight by the Author of The Old Sea-Captain
Report of a Reconnaissance of the Yukon River Alaska Territory July to September 1869
Poems on Golf
Notes to Accompany a Geological Map of the Northern Portion of the Dominion of Canada East of the Rocky Mountains
Financial Facts of the Eighteenth Century Or a Cursory View with Comparative Statements of the Revenue Expenditure Debts Manufactures and Commerce of Great Britain
Wild Flowers and How to Identify Them An Introduction to the British Flora
Policeman Y His Ballads on War and the Military
The Force of Truth An Authentic Narrative
Lord Byron Vindicated
The New Declaration a Record of the Reception of the Sixth Fusiliers of Montreal by the Citizens of St Albans VT July 4th 1878 Being the First Occasion on Which British Armed Troops Have Participated in the Declaration of American Independence
Practical Authorship A Work Designed to Afford Writers an Insight Into Certain Technical Commercial and Financial Aspects of the Profession of Letters as Followed by the General Writer for Current Publication
Polite and Social Dances A Collection of Historic Dances Spanish Italian French English German American with Historical Sketches Descriptions of the Dances and Instructions for Their Performance
The Oak A Popular Introduction to Forest Botany
Graham Flour A Study of the Physical and Chemical Differences Between Graham Flour and Imitation Graham Flours
Twenty Poems
Tales of Firenzuola Benedictine Monk of Vallambrosa (Xvith Century) for the First Time Translated Into English
Pragmatism and French Voluntarism with Especial Reference to the Notion of Truth in the Development of French Philosophy from Maine de Biran to Professor Bergson
The Chief American Poets Selected Poems by Bryan Poe Emerson Longfellow Whittier Holmes Lowell Whitman and Lanier
The Poems of Arthur Henry Hallam Together with His Essay on the Lyrical Poems of Alfred Tennyson
Life of Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Plane Geometry Developed by the Syllabus Method
Early Recollections of a Journalist 1832-1859
National Independence Or a Common-Sense Policy
Motor Tourists Camping Guide Day Tours in NSW from Every Centre All the Camping Grounds
To Establish an Independent Health Service Speech of Hon John D Works of California in the Senate of the United States Monday and Tuesday April 29 and 30 1912
Forget-Me-Not Poems
Researches on North American Acridiidae
Progressive Steps in Architectural Drawing
An Additional Volume to the Letters of the Right Honourable Lady M---Y W----Y M-----E Written During Her Travels in Europe Asia and Africa
The Patriot A Pindaric Address to Lord Buckhorse
Bacteria in Their Relation to Vegetable Tissue A Dissertation Presented to the Board of University Studies of the Johns Hopkins University for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Bevel Gearing
A Semi-Detached House and Other Stories
Religion and Human Interests
A Brief Popular Account of All the Financial Panics and Commercial Revulsions in the United States from 1690 to 1857 With a More Particular History of the Two Great Revulsions of 1837 and 1857
Nummorum in Hibernia Antequam Haec Insula Sub Henrico II Angliae Rege Anglici Facta Sit Juris Cusorum Indagatio
Views of Liptons Ceylon Tea Estates
Select List of Books (with References to Periodicals) Relating to the Far East
California Laws Relating to Animal Industry 1919
Botanosophiae Verioris Brevis Sciagraphia in Usum Discentium Adornata Accedit OB Argumenti Analogiam Epicrisis in Clar Linnaei Nuperrime Evulgatum Systema Plantarum Sexuale Et Huic Superstructam Methodum Botanicam
Journal of Proceedings of the Annual Encampment of the Department of Minnesota Grand Army of the Republic Issue 36
Committee on Banking and Currency First Report
Report of the Board of Immigration of Colorado Territory for the Two Years Ending December 31 1873
The Song of Songs (Revised Edition) With Twenty-Six Etchings
Puritanism and Liberty 1603-1660 Compiled by Kenneth Bell
Epitome The Yearbook of Hagerstown High School Volume 1921
Elementary Exercises for Students in Materia Medica and Pharmacy
Thirty-Two Instructions for the Month of May and for the Feasts of the Blessed Virgin
Correlated Hand-Work
The Boy and His School What It Can and What It Cannot Give Him
The Transfiguration of Miss Philura
A Day in a Colonial Home
The Captives a Tragedy As Performed at the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane by the Author of the Royal Suppliants
General Lighting Safety Orders Issued by the Industrial Accident Commission of the State of California Effective December 1 1919
Annals of the Minnesota Historical Society
Through War to Peace
The Carpenter and His Family Also Pride Subdued
List of Books with References to Periodicals Relating to Trusts Compiled Under the Direction of Appleton Prentiss Clark Griffin
Little Stories of France
Germany and Europe
Little Sketches Glimpses of Our National Capital
Out of Door Studies in Geography
British Industry and the War
Democracy An Address Delivered in the Town Hall Birmingham
The Willie Ballads with Other Limericks and Nonsense Rhymes
Sir Thos Wyatt His Poems
A History and Genealogy of the Groves Family in America Descendants of Nicholas La Groves of Beverly Mass
Holiday Studies of Wordsworth by Rivers Woods and Alps the Wharfe the Dutton and Stelvio Pass
Journal of the Proceedings of the National Republican Convention Held at Worcester October 11 1832
English for the English A Chapter on National Education By George Sampson
The Public School Law of North Carolina Issued from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
The Dread Voyage Poems
An Extension of the Dewey Decimal System of Classification Applied to Architecture and Building
Beowulf the Hero of the Anglo-Saxons
The Lonely Way And Other Poems
Elizabethan Sonnet-Cycles
The Cause Poems of the War
New Century Shorthand a Plain Easy and Comprehensive Method of Brief Writing by Means of Which the Words of the Most Rapid Speakers May Be Reported Verbatim
The Pleasure of Reading the Bible
Sketches on Service During the Indian Frontier Campaigns of 1897
The Rivers Children an Idyl of the Mississippi
Democratic Party Politics and Environmental Issues in California 1962-1976 Oral History Transcript 1986
Proceedings in Commemoration of the Settlement of the Town of New Haven
The Fall of Jerusalem a Dramatic Poem by the REV H H Hilman
The Danish Ingolf-Expedition
Symbol Songs Songs of Spirit Intimation
The Place of Scripture in the Church in Ancient and Modern Times
A Road-Book to Old Chelsea
A Dialogue on the Best Form of Government [Electronic Resource]
The Dorothea Legend Its Earliest Records Middle English Versions and Influence on Massingers Virgin Martyr
Drift O Dreams
Publications of the Illinois State Historical Library Illinois State Historical Society
A Poetry of Exiles
Two Lectures on the Life and Writings of Maimonides Delivered at the Jews and General Literary and Scientific Institution
Elements of Projective Geometry
Hymns of the Tamil Saivite Saints
Early Promoted A Memoir of the REV William Spiller Cox
Italy a Poem
The Facts of Faith
A Drift of Song
The Development of the French Monarchy Under Louis VI
The Influence of Walter Scott on the Novels of Theodor Fontaine
With Sullivan in 1779 a Tale of the War for Independence Relating Certain Events That Took Place in Monroe County Being the Journal of a Forest Runner
Fragments of Oriental Literature with an Outline of a Painting on a Curious China Vase
A Dialogue on the Best Form of Government
The Distinction Between Mind and Its Objects The Adamson Lecture for 1913 with an Appendix
Practical Buttermaking a Treatise for Buttermakers and Students
Extracts from the Diary of William C Lobenstine December 31 1851-1858
Echoes from the Green Hills
Silas Woods Sketch of the Town of Huntington L I from Its First Settlement to the End of the American Revolution
Secrsts of Scene Painting and Stage Effects
Everyboy and Other Plays for Children
Transactions of the Wagner Free Institute of Science of Philadelphia Volume V5 (1898)
Extracts from the Proceedings of the Haworth Association
Father Abbeys Will To Which Is Added a Letter of Courtship to His Virtuous and Amiable Widow With Historical and Biographical Notes
Readings from English History
Radium and Radio-Active Substances Their Application Especially to Medicine
Sixty Years Recollections of Milford and Its Chronology from 1637 Up to and Including 1916
Cymon a Dramatic Romance as It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane the Music by Mr Arne
Vocational Education Speech of Hon Carroll S Page Delivered in the Senate of the United States June 5 1912 on Senate Bill 3 to Cooperate with the States in Encouraging Instruction in Agriculture the Trades and Industries and Home Economics
Care and Feeding of Dairy Cattle
An Earnest Search for Truth In a Series of Letters from a Son to His Father
Free-Hand Lettering Being a Treatise on Plain Lettering from the Practical Standpoint for Use in Engineering Schools and Colleges by Victor T Wilson
How to Double the Days Work
Nine Humorous Tales
Official Guide to the Gardens of the Zoological Society of London
Magic Witchcraft Animal Magnetism Hypnotism and Electro-Biology Being a Digest of the Latest Views of the Author on These Subjects
The Evolution of the California State University System 1961-1982 Oral History Transcript 1984
With the Army Service Corps in South Africa
The Peace of the Solomon Valley
Washingtons Old World Ancestry
Offering of the Mutes
Official List of Officers Who Marched with the Army Under the Command of Major General Winfield Scott from Puebla Upon the City of Mexico
Address Delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Geological Society of London on the 16th of February 1866 Prefaced by the Announcement of the Award of the Wollaston Medal and Proceeds of the Donation-Fund for the Same Year
Real Property
Grandfathers Stories Brief Sketch of Abigail Browne of Salem Mass
The View of Roses
Profit Making in Shop and Factory Management
My Autobiography
Distaff and Spindle Sonnets
Song-Roundels and Games
Sir William Hamilton Being the Philosophy of Perception an Analysis
The Spirit and Struggle of Islam
Brittany with Bergere
Tommy Atkins at War as Told in His Own Letters
The Sheriffdom of Clackmannan A Sketch of Its History with Lists of Sheriffs and Excerpts from the Records of Court Compiled from Public Documents and Other Authorities with Prefatory Notes on the Office of Sheriff in Scotland His Powers and Duties
England and Russia in Asia
Contributions to the Criticism of the Greek New Testament Being the Introduction to an Edition of the Codex Augiensis and Fifty Other Manuscripts
The Spirit of Place and Other Essays
Mountain Life in Algeria
Songs En Route
Announcement Dept of Engineering
They Shall Not Pass
On the Origin of the Chesil Bank and on the Relation of the Existing Beaches to Past Geological Changes Independent of the Present Coast Action
The Accusative with Infinitive and Some Kindred Constructions in English
A Syllabus of the History of Education
Dante and Virgil
The Bible as Good Reading
The Torrens System Its Simplicity Serviceability and Success
Daddy Do-Funnys Wisdom Jingles
The Syzygetic Pencil of Cubics with a New Geometrical Development of Its Hesse Group G The Complete Pappus Hexagon
Songs of Cheer
An Attempt to Solve the Problem of the First Landing Place of Columbus in the New World
Rambles with a Fishing-Rod
The Present Status of Rural Teachers in the South
Report to the Trustees of the Dick Bequest on the Rural Public (Formerly Parochial) Schools of Aberdeen Banff and Moray with Special Reference to the Higher Instruction in Them
The Quest of a Soul and Other Verse
The Way of Perfect Love
The Physiology of the New-Born Infant Character and Amount of the Katabolism
Tables for Calculating Excavation and Embankment of Regular and Irregular Cross Sections
Pure Gold a Choice of Lyrics and Sonnets With an Introduction
Retaining Walls Based Entirely on the Theory of Friction
The Published Writings of Philip Lutley Sclater 1844-1896
The Swedish Nation in Word and Picture Together with Short Summaries of the Contributions Mades
Tomato Culture A Practical Treatise on the Tomato Its History Characteristics Planting Fertilization Cultivation in Field Garden and Green House Harvesting Packing Storing Marketing Insect Enemies and Diseases with Methods of Control and Rem
Sick Room Altar Manual With Prayers Formulas Instructions in Administering the Sacraments And a Complete Course of Instructions to Nurses in Attending the Sick
Accident and Health Insurance A Series of Lectures Delivered Before the Insurance Institute of Hartford
Unitarianism in Brooklyn A Sermon Preached By AP Putnam
Life in the Backwoods From Original Photographs
England Stories Of Volume 8
the Fishing Industry
A Plea for a New Translation of the Scriptures With a Translation of St Pauls Epistle to the Romans
de Diptychis Veterum Et de Diptycho Quirini Cardinalis Diatribe
Abhandlung Uber Den Forstlichen Zuwachs Und Gehaubestimmung
Een Schoone En Wonderlyke Historie Van Valentyn En Oursson
Bulletin of the Scientific Laboratories of Denison University Volume 8 Part 1
de Virtutibus Infidelium Ad Mentem P Augustini Reflexio Vindex
Peace Unto the Heathen and Other Sermons
Catalogus Latinus Biographicus Personarum Praeclare Meritarum
A System of Morality to a Syllabus or Text Book Drawn Up in the Form of a Prayer
A Candid Examination of the Mutual Claims of Great-Britain and the Colonies With a Plan of Accomodation on Constitutional Principles
Elements of English Etymology For the Use of Public and High Schools
Aspects of Christian Character A Study of the Beatitudes
The Annualette A Christmas and New Years Gift for Children
Report of the Special Commission Appointed Under the Resolution of the General Assembly Approved April 4th 1844
Hearts Streamlet
Green Holly Sing Heigh-Ho Unto the Green Holly
History of the Battle of Bunkers Hill on June 17 1775 From Authentic Sources in Print and Manuscript
Bell Martin an American Story of Real Life
Songs for the School Room A Selection of Sacred and Secular Songs for the Use of Schools Academies and Social Circle
Anglo-Catholics and the Future
Insects Injurious to the Hop in New York with Special Reference to the Hop Grub and the Hop Redbug
The Commentary of Ibn Ezra on Isaiah The Anglican Version of the Book of the Prophet Isaiah Amended According to the Commentary of Ezra
Lenten and Other Sermons
Architectural Foliage Adapted from Nature
Emilie the Peace-Maker
Autobiography of James L Smith Including Also Reminiscences of Slave Life Recollections of the War Education of Freedmen Causes of the Exodus Etc
Hints Concerning Church Music the Liturgy and Kindred Subjects

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